March 3, 2010


(Jan - 2013)

Switch bs tailslide to kickflip out from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.

Animation done for my skateboard brand "Skate to Extinction".

9/11 IT'S BEEN TEN YEARS.(Sep-2011)

I was invited to participate in this project created by "Aniboom" in memorial of 9/11. Many artists from around the globe have contributed on this special project.
When thinking about the idea I wanted to pay homage to the "Firemen" (therefore the hydrant in the scene) and also to all the people that lost loved ones in the tragedy. I did it as if it had been done by a child, to keep an innocent feel about it, because of the subjects touchy nature.
The little boy symbolizes the people who lost loved ones, looking at the ever imponant twin towers.
The hydrant symbolizes the Firemen, who are always there in situations of help for City citizens in general. The rain symbolizes the tragedy itself and the Sun rays at the end would be Heaven.


The Jestors Karaoke Machine from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.

This was my entry for the June "11 second club" monthly competition, the audio is great, came up with this idea but couldn't quite get it  finished as I wanted in time, it was good enough to make it into the top ten and it went for 7th place out of 191 entries.
Below are the characters sketches I did before animating.


Esta cena foi feita para o campeonato de Junho do "11 second club", o audio é muito bom, tive esta ideia mas não consegui terminar como queria no prazo, foi bom o suficiente para ficar entre os 10 melhores, terminou em sétimo lugar de 191 cenas.
Abaixo estão os desenhos dos personagens feitos antes da animar.


Aliens Arguing from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.
Voice 1: What is wrong with you?

Voice 2: What do you mean what´s wrong with me,
What´s wrong with YOU?!

Voice 1: No, what´s wrong with youuuu!?

Voice 2: No, what´s wrong with YOU!
You´re projecting!

Voice 1: DROP IT!

Voice 2: you DROP it!

Alien Walkcycle from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.

Alien Runcycle from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.

Aliens modelled,rigged and animated with Softimage XSI.
All texturing, displacement and normal maps done in Zbrush.

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