Dinosaurs chasing kids from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.

Dinosaurs chasing kids through warehouse.
Dinos find kids and roar.
swarm of termites attack Dinos.

Mermaid dives from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.
 Mermaid dives, watches the boat move away,
then comes swimming past the camera trough a shoal of fish.
bit of a blunder in final composition. (see-through fish)

Flyby pickup from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.
Digital doubles.

Scenes animated by me in Lightwave.
Rigging by Marcos Piolla
Shade & Render by Alexandre Areal in 3DS MAX
Project: Holiday camp II (mini-series)
TV Globo CGP - All Rights reserved

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Sid Ahearne
Son of a Writer/Teacher and an Architect/Carpenter, lucky to have parents who encouraged art, at age 19 started out at "Walt Disney Animation Australia", always been passionate about character/creature art in general. Today I live in sunny Brazil and work as a freelance animator and illustrator. E-mail:sidahearne@gmail.com