This was my entry for the "11 second club" April competition.
Animation done in Maya, with AnimSchool's Malcolm rig and rendered in Mental ray .

There's a nice contrast in the audio track between the characters, one more
contained and natural and the other more exaggerated, just went along with that
 and tried to animate them as such. The scene also called for camera movement,
following the characters down and off the stairs.

                 Baby Sitter Robots are programmed to interact and play with the child.

                                        Gangster Girl done for character design challenge.
I've been practicing drawing women's faces and some real people, this is one of my studies.

Mascot character created for Tecvidya (web TV company in Brazil) ,
The Character needed to convey work and Technology, that's why the Ant and the spacesuit,
With the designI wanted to simulate a bit of "Iron Man" and "Transformers", so turning the ant into a cyborg made perfect sense, possibilities are endless for animation this way,
Multiple and changing limbs would be an example, Hopefully I can show some animation in the near future.

Piece done for fun, TVPaint and Photoshop were used in this image.

Female Bust with space suit, 3D print, made for decoration and anatomy and spacesuit reference as well, piece done in ZBrush and Photoshop.
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Sid Ahearne
Son of a Writer/Teacher and an Architect/Carpenter, lucky to have parents who encouraged art, at age 19 started out at "Walt Disney Animation Australia", always been passionate about character/creature art in general. Today I live in sunny Brazil and work as a freelance animator and illustrator.