Image done for a dear friend's daughter, this is a less detailed version, the original had a Circus backdrop and a sheet over the elephant's back with the little girl's name on it. Cheers to All.


Tawa Hallae Turntable from Sid Ahearne on Vimeo.

T-Rex, Tawa Hallae, Spinosaurus done for a mini-series (Holiday Camp II)TV Globo CGP - All Rights reserved. Animation Of the T-Rex an Spino are above in the blog, The Tawa was just a statue, so it was never animated, it did appear in a scene in the background, as soon as I get of hold it I'll post it. Basemesh for the Spino and T-Rex weren't modeled by me, I only did the skin texture on these,cheers to all.


Instituto MetaSocial - All Rights Reserved

Aqui estão algumas das Ilustrações feitas por mim para o "Guia do Cidadão, Educação e cidadania".  Projeto idealizado pelo Instituto MetaSocial com a coordenação de Helena Werneck. Trata se de um guia  de Orientações básicas para a convivência de todos, junto as pessoas com deficiência, com o objetivo de propiciar a inclusão, educação e cidadania.

 These are some of the Illustrations done by me for the "Citizen's Guide, Education and Citizenship".   The project was idealized by "Instituto MetaSocial" with Helena Werneck as the coordinator. The Guide is about basic orientations for the coexistance of all, together with physically and mentally disabled people, with the objective to propitiate inclusion, education and citizenship.

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Sid Ahearne
Son of a Writer/Teacher and an Architect/Carpenter, lucky to have parents who encouraged art, at age 19 started out at "Walt Disney Animation Australia", always been passionate about character/creature art in general. Today I live in sunny Brazil and work as a freelance animator and illustrator.