I was invited to participate in this project created by "Aniboom" in memorial of 9/11. Many artists from around the globe have contributed on this special project.
When thinking about the idea I wanted to pay homage to the "Firemen" (therefore the hydrant in the scene) and also to all the people that lost loved ones in the tragedy. I did it as if it had been done by a child, to keep an innocent feel about it, because of the subjects touchy nature.
The little boy symbolizes the people who lost loved ones, looking at the ever imponant twin towers.
The hydrant symbolizes the Firemen, who are always there in situations of help for City citizens in general. The rain symbolizes the tragedy itself and the Sun rays at the end would be Heaven.

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Sid Ahearne
Son of a Writer/Teacher and an Architect/Carpenter, lucky to have parents who encouraged art, at age 19 started out at "Walt Disney Animation Australia", always been passionate about character/creature art in general. Today I live in sunny Brazil and work as a freelance animator and illustrator. E-mail:sidahearne@gmail.com